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Is my web browser or device supported for viewing living pictures?

adam gould
posted this on October 19, 2011 05:00 AM

The Lytro Player-- including on Lytro Web (, on Facebook, on Twitter, and embedded living pictures on blogs-- supports viewing living pictures* directly on the following platforms:


Quick Summary:

The most recent versions (current releases) of:

  • Mac®: Safari®, Chrome™, or Firefox®
  • Windows®: Internet Explorer®Chrome™, or Firefox®
  • iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®: Safari® native browser
  • Android™: Android™ native browser



The Full Details:




  • When viewing living pictures on Facebook, you may need to click here to update the Adobe® Flash® Player. 
  • We use HTML5 wherever we can best meet our performance standards by doing so; otherwise for the foreseeable future we will continue using the Adobe® Flash® Player as marked.
  • *The above lists of supported platforms only apply to viewing living pictures after they are shared, by you or by other people.
  • *There are different requirements for the Lytro Desktop software needed to import and share the living pictures that you can take with your own Lytro camera.
  • We do not officially support other platforms (such as any version of Linux®, BlackBerry® or Windows Mobile®), even though viewing living pictures may still work on those platforms.
  • In all cases, an active internet connection is required for viewing living pictures.
  • Mac®, Safari®, iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.; Windows®, Windows Vista®, Internet Explorer®, and Windows Mobile® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countriesAndroid™ and Chrome™ are trademarks of Google, Inc.; Adobe® and Adobe® Flash® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries; Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries; RIM® and BlackBerry® are registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited or its affiliates.
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