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How does the Lytro camera perform in low light? Does it have a flash?

Ian Ellison
posted this on October 26, 2011 11:26 AM

There isn't a flash on the Lytro camera, but the Lytro camera can handle less-than-optimal lighting conditions in many cases.

NOTE: Using Manual Controls will generally improve low-light performance, especially if you can steady the camera to compensate, either with our Tripod Mount, or by using something in the environment like a wall, a counter surface, or an (empty!) pint glass.


Here are a few pictures from our Gallery, taken on the Lytro camera with no flash of any kind, that might have triggered auto-flash on a regular camera:
- shaded woods
- in a bar
- darkened room


Please bear in mind the Lytro camera cannot add light to a scene that doesn't already exist. Therefore, at lower levels of light, some graininess will occur.  Less light = more graininess.

In other words, the Lytro is a long, long way from anything like night-vision goggles.


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