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Determining distance

Janos Lobb
asked this on January 20, 2012 08:59 AM

I would like to know - point me to the literature or documents -, how to determine what part of a picture came from what distance on the photograph.  Let say I have two objects A, B  close to the optical axis, and A is for rA and B is for rB meters away from the camera.  Without looking the picture with my eyes, just processing the 16Mb or so light field file, I would like to know how big is rA and rB in meters/yards.  I read Ng's Phd dissertation, but I have not found it there.



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adam gould
Lytro Staff
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Hi Janos, thanks for the question.

We don't currently provide for any functionality or access to get the data you are looking for:

Check back with us in the future, we do plan on having developer tools at some point:

January 23, 2012 02:26 PM