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E. Managing Stories [Lytro Desktop 2.0.1] [DEPRECATED; ARCHIVE]

Ian Ellison
posted this on December 21, 2011 10:16 AM


    1. If you'd like to create a new Story, then select one or more pictures and choose "Move to New Story."
    2. Right-click the title of any Story, such as "New Story" or "Pictures from MONTH.DAY" or whatever you have previously chosen.
    3. Choose "Rename Story."

  • To move pictures from Story to Story (or within the same Story), select one or more pictures and then click and drag them to their new location.
  • To reorder your Stories, click and hold the small "grabber" icon (three horizontal lines) at the far right of each Story title line-- it will turn blue-- then drag up or down to its new location.
  • To add a caption to a picture, double-click any individual picture to move to the Desktop Picture Page view, then: 
a) Click the "I" info icon in the lower right.
b) Click the field labeled "Click here to add a caption" in the middle of the picture info sidebar.
c) Enter your desired caption for that picture.
d) You must hit the "return" / "enter" key in order to save the caption. If you click away to another page or picture, your caption will not be saved.


TIP: For more information about Lytro Desktop features and controls, click here.

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