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H. Export Pictures to JPG [Lytro Desktop 2.0.1] [DEPRECATED; ARCHIVE]

Ian Ellison
posted this on December 21, 2011 10:22 AM

Currently you can only export a picture to JPG format (converting your living picture into a static 2D image) with the following restrictions:

  • You MUST export one picture at a time.  You cannot export multiple pictures to JPG at once.
  • You MUST export from the main Desktop Library Page (thumbnail view) as shown below.  You cannot export to JPG from an individual Picture Page screen.
  • You MUST export by right-clicking a picture.  There is no "top-level" menu option to export to JPG.
  • You MUST export after selecting a point of focus in the individual Picture Page screen.  You cannot use Perspective Shift to choose a focus point for exporting to JPG.



Here are the steps to export a picture to JPG:

  1. Right-click any picture on the main Desktop Library Page
    • To right-click with any Mac mouse, hold down the "control" key on your keyboard and then click as normal.
    • Also, when using a Mac laptop, by default clicking the trackpad with two fingers also provides a right-click option. 
    • You can set other Mac right-click options within System Preferences -> Trackpad.
  2. Select "Export JPG."
  3. Choose a location on your computer (like your computer's "Desktop") where you wish to save the new JPG file.
  4. You can now do the things that you'd normally do with any other JPG image-- like cropping it, printing it or manipulating it-- in your favorite imaging software.
    • The Lytro Desktop software itself does not display or print any JPG images that you may have exported; the Lytro Desktop software only displays living pictures (LFP files).  
    • The native "Preview" application within OS X, and the native "Windows Photo Viewer" program in Windows, can be used to open and print any JPG file.



  • The last place you clicked within each living picture on its individual Picture Page screen will determine the focus placement you'll see in your exported JPG image.
  • Again, exporting to JPG must be done one picture at a time.  If you wish to export several pictures to JPG in a row, we recommend that you
    • First set the focus in the individual Picture Page for each picture you wish to export to JPG, one after the other. 
    • Then go back to the thumbnail view (the main Desktop Library Page), and one at a time export each picture to JPG, again one after the other.  
    • This flow will prevent having to switch back and forth between thumbnail view and individual views repeatedly.  We're aware this isn't an ideal flow, and we're looking into ways to address that further down the road.
  • You cannot use Perspective Shift to choose a focus point for exporting to JPG.


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