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G. Upload and/or Share Pictures [Lytro Desktop 2.0.1] [DEPRECATED; ARCHIVE]

Ian Ellison
posted this on December 21, 2011 10:18 AM


  • Please review our privacy settings information and our Community Guidelines carefully before you proceed with uploading to Lytro Web.
  • Because people who see your shared pictures can re-share them, be sure your privacy settings for Facebook, (and when sharing later from Lytro Web, your privacy settings for Twitter, and/or Google Plus) are configured correctly before sharing.


Uploading pictures to Lytro Web:

When you have selected one or more pictures on the Desktop Library Page-- or when you are viewing an individual picture in the Desktop Picture Page-- you can share picture(s) with your friends and family using the "Share" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

NOTE: You will then be prompted to Sign In to Lytro Desktop if you haven't already.


Here are a few of the things you can do as you're getting ready to share a picture or a Story:

  1. Add a title, if desired.  This title will appear on "Your Page" on Lytro Web. 
  2. Add a description for your Story.  This description will appear on the Story Page for each Story on Lytro Web. 
  3. If you are sharing a Story, you can double-check which pictures have been selected for inclusion. If you change your mind, just click the small gray "x" in the upper right and start over.
  4. You can set the privacy settings so that your picture or Story will be either public or unlisted (non-public):
    • if you un-check the "Post on your public page" checkbox, then your picture or Story will be uploaded as an unlisted picture or Story.
    • Please review our privacy settings information and our Community Guidelines carefully before you proceed.
  5. You can use Facebook Connect to link your Lytro account and your Facebook account so that you can share pictures directly to Facebook from Lytro Desktop.  Although you can also share to Facebook from Lytro Web, doing it now will save you a step.  TIP: If you have previously linked your Lytro account and your Facebook account, at this point you can just check or uncheck the "Post on your Facebook wall" checkbox that will appear here instead.
  6. When you've reviewed your choices, click the blue "Share" button.
  7. After the upload is complete, you will see a blue "View Pictures" button.  

IMPORTANT: The "View Pictures" button provides special permissions so you can view the pictures you just uploaded, even if those pictures are unlisted (non-public) and even if you aren't currently Signed In to Lytro Web. This is for your convenience and does not affect the security or privacy of your pictures. In other words, once you close that special View Pictures window in your web browser, or click away to other pages, then you won't be able to see any of your unlisted pictures if you aren't Signed In to Lytro Web.  Note that Signing In to Lytro Desktop and Signing In to Lytro Web are two different things; currently sign-in states are not shared.


TIP: For information about Lytro Desktop features and controls, click here.

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