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Troubleshooting: "Import Failed" Error Message [Lytro Desktop 2.0.1] [DEPRECATED; ARCHIVE]

Ian Ellison
posted this on February 29, 2012 10:14 AM

  1. Make sure you are connect to a powered USB port directly on your computer, not a USB port on a keyboard or USB hub.
  2. Disconnect the Lytro camera from your computer, at both ends of the USB cable.
  3. Shut down the Lytro Desktop application fully (Mac: Lytro -> "Quit" or "Command"+"Q", Windows: use the red "x" in the upper right of the window).
  4. Check to make sure there are new pictures on your camera; to be sure all pictures were not previously imported, please take a couple of test pictures.  (Right now re-importing pictures is not supported.)
  5. Reset the camera: swipe up on the touchscreen to access the General Control Drawer, then touch the "gear" icon and select "Reset."
  6. Re-launch the Lytro Desktop application on your computer.
  7. Reconnect the USB cable firmly at both ends.
IMPORTANT: Still having trouble?  Please use the blue "Open a Support Ticket" link below to open a Support ticket.
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