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Can I buy a Lytro camera even if I don’t live in one of your supported countries?

Ian Ellison
posted this on September 11, 2012 07:13 PM

The Lytro Store can only ship within the USA.

For direct sales, please see our list of International Distributors.

If your country is not listed there, then you have two options if you wish to purchase a Lytro camera:

  1. Click here to sign up to be notified via email when we are ready to start selling the Lytro camera within your country.
  2. Otherwise, you can still purchase a Lytro camera via the Lytro Store from within your own country if all of the following are true for you:
    • You are shipping within the USA to a street address (no PO Boxes) that is within the 50 United States (no US territories or APO/FPO addresses).
    • You are making your purchase with a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express  that is accepted by our credit-card fraud-detection system (some non-US banks do not support this system).  If your transaction is accepted by our merchant processor, then all is well. If it is rejected, then you must use a different card.
    • You accept all responsibility for arranging re-shipment, export, and import arrangements to your own country.  While we are not aware of any export or import restrictions to other countries, kindly note that we have not done any detailed research of this issue and, in accordance with our Terms of Sale, the responsibility of ensuring US export controls compliance and any import controls compliance rests with the camera purchaser.
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