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Using the Lytro Player

Ian Ellison
posted this on November 14, 2012 05:20 PM

The Lytro Player is what allows you to view living pictures, whether that's on Lytro Web (, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on another website.

In all its forms, the Lytro Player works with a wide variety of web browsers and mobile devices. On most computers and devices you will not need to install or update anything to start exploring living pictures right away!


Here are the main features of the Lytro Player, shown here both on Lytro Web and on Facebook:

LP-1_LW_130502.jpg          LP-2_FB_130502.jpg

  • Refocus a picture - Click the mouse once anywhere on the picture.  Small "targeting" squares will animate your placement of focus.
    • On touchscreen devices, tap once.
  • Perspective Shift - Click and drag the mouse once anywhere on the picture; you are now in Perspective Shift mode and you can release the mouse button. Then, move the mouse (without clicking) over the picture to explore Perspective Shift. Try a circle, or a diagonal line; maybe even a zig-zag motion!  To exit Perspective Shift, just click once anywhere in the picture.
    • On touchscreen devices, touch and drag. On the iPad or iPhone, you can also tilt the device after touching and dragging once.  To exit, tap once anywhere in the picture.
    • Not all living pictures will have Perspective Shift enabled; it's up to the person who originally shared that picture whether to enable Perspective Shift in the picture(s) they share, or not.
  • Zoom in / zoom out - Double-click the mouse once anywhere on the picture to zoom in.  Once zoomed in, move the mouse (without clicking) across the picture to focus wherever the mouse is pointing.
    • On a Mac trackpad, you can use a two-finger drag. 
    • Zoom features are not available on mobile devices.
  • Share - Click the Share button below the picture to share it with others.
  • Love - Click the Love button to let the photographer know you enjoyed their picture:



 NOTE: The Lytro Player currently does not support a full-screen view, although you can resize your browser window (up to the full dimensions of your monitor or screen) to increase the size of the player.

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