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Self Timer: Overview

Ian Ellison
posted this on November 30, 2012 03:30 PM

NOTE: Lytro camera firmware v1.1.1 or later required for this feature.


Want to add yourself to your living picture compositions, but don't always want to hold the camera at arm's length? Or are you trying to take a picture without the slight motion of pressing the shutter button affecting the stillness of the camera?

Then our new Self-Timer feature is just what you're looking for.


Using the Self-Timer:

    1. Swipe up on the touchscreen to reveal the General Control Dock.
    2. Swipe the Dock from right to left to reveal the Self-Timer icon:
    3. Touch the Self-Timer icon, then choose either a 2-second or a 10-second immediate countdown:
      • The 2-second timer is best for shots that benefit from an especially steady camera, such as long exposure or Macro shots.  
      • The 10-second timer allows you to get in front of the lens before the shutter is triggered.
    4. The Self-Timer must be re-selected if you wish to take another timed picture.


IMPORTANT: There will not be an indicator sound or light, either before or at the time the shutter is triggered, so for now, taking group shots that include the photographer will require a good sense of timing.  

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