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Image Quality part 3: Perspective Shift & ISO improvements in Lytro Desktop 2.0.1

Ian Ellison
posted this on January 25, 2013 04:01 PM

We've made some Image Quality (IQ) changes which, while incremental, we wanted to share with you.

Perspective Shift

In some cases -- pictures with a lot of depth -- you will now notice somewhat more Perspective Shift within those images:


Tearing artifacts

One of the most difficult things to do is to estimate depth accurately within Perspective Shift.  In the new implementation depth estimation is now more accurate, although your mileage will vary from picture to picture. Here is an example where our new implementation removes the "tearing" error in the upper half of the rocket-ship image:  (The error is only visible in a very small range of positions, so try moving your mouse in large circles-- or try placing your mouse pointer about 1 inch (2-3 cm) above the Lytro logo-- after you enter Perspective Shift. The most visible portion of the error appears as a diagonal line across the left corner of the left-hand image. The error is almost entirely absent in the picture on the right.)

In contrast, the following picture is a case where our new implementation of Perspective Shift can make the tearing artifact around the main foreground subject, the closer bird, more noticeable. Although this is rare-- this is the only picture we examined that had such a strongly negative side effect-- we wanted to be transparent about the potential trade-offs we're making. If you experience anything like this in your pictures, please post in the comments below to let us know:


Respecting ISO settings (e.g Manual Controls)

Finally, one other improvement we made this time around is more accurately rendering the ISO on a given picture. In cases where you are using Manual Controls, this will give you more artistic freedom to create "blown-out" (overexposed) images, or a moody atmosphere for artistic effect. All we've really done here is to make sure that if you want over/underexposed pictures via Manual Controls, Lytro Desktop will respect your wishes:




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