Date and time stamps

It’s killing me not to see time stamps for any of my images. Sure, I can see date stamps, but I do not see any time stamps (see attached image). Please let me know what time I snapped my photo. It’s a vital piece of information.

Janet Janet

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TIME STAMP is almost a requirement!  are there future plans to have time stamping of pics?  that was the second issue/problem i had with lytro, the first being losing the lens cap on the first day.

Jamin Potamkin

Yes.. it would also be good to have the ability to configure this on the camera.  Consider the scenario if I am crossing a time zone and did not bring a Mac with me.  I assume the camera will synchronize time/date with the computer when it is connected to the computer.

Chad Brigance

Wow - good point.  While I'm sure the Living Picture format does have this info, not being able to access it is frustrating.  The Lytro desktop software allows you to manually rearrange photos, but no ability to sort on created so it is very easy to mess up the order of photos taken in sequence and having to use filename to manually resort is a pain.

Can anyone answer Chad's question about how Lytro's Time/Date stamp is set?  I seem to remember entering a time zone in the camera setup, but the camera isn't with me at the moment.  Is Lytro is using Apple's Time and Date preferences to determine the time zone and sync using Apple's server?

Stephen Inoue

On Windows, after my Lytro ran out of battery and I charged it overnight and then did a firmware upgrade, the subsequent pictures taken have their timestamps set to January 3rd, 2011 -- it'd really be great to be able to set the date manually on the camera.

Michel Alexandre Salim