Is the first generation Lytro camera right for me?

Well, as with most things in life, that depends:

  • Do you love sharing pictures online with your friends and family?
  • Do you think it's fun to experiment with new ways of being creative?
  • Are you excited by the thought of being at the cutting edge of a new technology that is revolutionizing how people take and experience pictures?
  • Are you not very concerned about things like interchangeable lenses, large-format printing, or exporting a lot of pictures to JPG?

If you answered a hearty "YES" to at least a couple of these questions, then there's a great chance the Lytro Light Field Camera is, indeed, right for you!



  • Note our minimum system requirements.
  • Please note that the Lytro camera is a completely different kind of camera; it is not designed to replace your DSLR, or even your point-and-shoot
  • We selected an optical configuration of the light field that provides the ability to dramatically change the focus after taking a picture. There are trade-offs to this configuration, though, which may lead to less detail or resolution in a given picture.
  • Read more on what makes the Lytro camera special.



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