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How can I verify a first generation Lytro camera before I purchase secondhand?

A. Please contact the seller to request the camera's:

  • Serial Number (SN), and its
  • Software Version (Firmware Version).

To access both of these pieces of information, the seller can:

  1. Swipe up on the touchscreen to reach the General Control Dock
  2. Touch the "gear" icon. 
  3. Touch "About."
  4. Both pieces of information are on this same screen.


B. Then, contact Lytro Support to request a secondhand-camera purchase verification:
  • Use the "Open A Support Ticket" link below in blue text.
  • Provide us the two pieces of information-- Serial Number and Software Version-- that the seller has given you.
C. We will verify the camera's status for you by return email.

NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.