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What is the shutter speed on the first generation Lytro camera?

  • By default, the firmware within the first generation Lytro camera selects a shutter speed automatically-- based on available light-- within the following shutter range:

1/15 - 1/250


  • When using Manual Controls, you can select from the following shutter range:

8 seconds - 1/250


IMPORTANT: As with any other camera, a steady hand and the best possible lighting are very important.  The Lytro camera does not solve for motion blur; the steadier the camera and your subjects, the clearer the shot.  

This applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.  You can find shutter speed specs on the LYTRO ILLUM here.

TIP: You can-- but are never required to-- use Manual Controls with both the default "Everyday Mode" as well as with "Creative Mode."