Do I have to use Lytro Web to share?

Sharing with limited use of Lytro Web

You can make living pictures hosted on unlisted; this means anyone who wants to view them will have to have a special URL that you'll generate and share.  While you are still using Lytro Web to share this way, only those with the special URL will see your content.  For sharing with limited use of Lytro web:


A Word About Privacy

As described in our Privacy Policy, you're given the option to upload your living pictures to Lytro Web ( as "unlisted" pictures so that only people with the link can view them, or as "public" pictures, which makes them visible to everyone. Every time you upload new living pictures to Lytro Web, you can choose your preferred privacy setting for those particular pictures.  

Here are the full details on our privacy settings.

Sharing with no use of Lytro Web

With the advent of Lytro Desktop 3 and the support of import/export, you can share your living pictures without uploading them to at all.

To do this, you're basically exporting the images, getting them to whoever you want to see them, and then they are importing them into Lytro Desktop.  Detailed instructions as follows:

  1. Take pictures with the camera and import them into Lytro Desktop 3.
  2. In Lytro Desktop 3, select the ones you want to share and export them to a folder
    1. You can export images via either the lightfield raw image format (~16MB per image) or lightfield stack image (usually under 400K per image).
  3. Zip the exported images
  4. Upload the zipped folder to a cloud storage solution (like, dropbox, or on your own server), or copy to physical media (DVD, CD, USB drive, etc).
  5. The recipient of your living pictures will need to download and install the free desktop software:
  6. They can then uncompress and import the living pictures you sent them (or they downloaded) directly into Lytro Desktop
  7. Export instructions & details:

Note there is still no way to post a web-optimized living picture to your website or server without hosting it on first.



  • Avatar
    Andrew W Wagner


    This makes it sound like you cannot share light field images over e-mail without uploading them to, even if both people have the lytro software installed.  If this is not the case, it could use some clarification. 

  • Avatar
    scott mesmer

    Please clarify this explanation.  Can I down load the picture on my computer, post to my website or email?  Or is every thing driven through lytro?

  • Avatar
    adam gould

    We basically have two different kinds of files: 1) The full light field .lfp file; 2) the web-optimized version

    #1 works with Lytro Desktop, and only with Lytro desktop.  There is no other program (right now) which can read .lfp files (we hope this will change as api/developer tools come into play and the .lfp format gains adoption).  If you really wanted to, you could share the full .lfp file with someone else who has Lytro Desktop (it's included with the Camera, and you'll be able to download it for free from our website).  The thing to understand is that the .lfp is nearly 16MB, and is not optimized for sharing.   However, you can share the .lfp as you would any other file; the person you're sharing with just has to have Lytro Desktop.   

    #2, the web-optimized version is under 500K (but is usually in the 100-200K range).   However, to generate and share this version you must share to Lytro Web, and Lytro Web will have to host that image.

    Does this clear things up?

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