Desktop 3 - Is it possible to place all subjects in focus at once?

Yes, we support extended focus (aka "All-in-focus"), which means that anything that can be in focus in your living picture, will be in focus (NOTE:  objects that are out of focus due to range or motion blur will still be out of focus).  

You can enable extended focus as follows:

1) The picture you wish to view must have Perspective Shift enabled in Lytro Desktop.

2) After you have enabled perspective shift in Lytro Desktop, you can do any of the following to view and share your picture with extended focus:

2a) Click on the extended focus button in Lytro Desktop:  

  • Extended Focus ("All-in-focus")edof_icon.png
    • Must be in Single Picture or Filmstrip View edof_views.png
    • Only works for pictures which have been enabled for perspective shift
    • Toggle on/off (default off) to view the entire picture in focus

2b) Export an All-in-Focus .jpg

  • Go to File > Export, and choose "All-in-Focus Image (.jpg)

2c)  For a quick solution you can use anywhere you find a perspective shift enabled living picture (not just Lytro Desktop) , just click and drag the picture around - while doing so, the picture will display with extended focus.  Try it:


You can follow this same Knowledgebase (KB) article to receive any future news on all-in-focus features.