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First Generation Lytro Camera - 3: Review, Refocus, Star, and Delete

  • Review your pictures: Swipe left to right across the touchscreen with your finger at any time to see your most recent "living picture." Continue swiping left to right to see additional pictures:


  • Refocus and explore: You can refocus on any area of a living picture by tapping it once. As you tap, animated squares will "target" the point where you have chosen to place the focus:


TIP: To zoom in, double-tap. (Or, drag the zoom slider from left to right.)  Once you're zoomed-in, drag the screen in any direction with your finger to see a different area of your picture. This will help you refocus on small objects, again by tapping once. When you're done exploring, double-tap again to zoom back out and see the effect.



  • Fast picture review: Drag the zoom slider on the top of the first generation Lytro camera from right to left while in review mode.  You will see a 3 by 3 grid of picture thumbnails.
view_grid01.jpg              fast_picture_review.jpg

TIPS: To review additional pages of thumbnails, swipe your finger left to right on the touchscreen: a quick motion will scroll through several screens at a time.  To review an individual picture, tap it.  (You can also drag the zoom slider left to right to review an individual picture.)  Return to shooting mode at any time by pressing the shutter button once.



  • Star a picture: Tap the star in the upper left of each of your favorite living pictures. Starred pictures will be the first to transfer and process within the Lytro Desktop software on your computer, and starred pictures can later easily be viewed all at once. 
  • Delete a picture: While reviewing an individual picture, tap or swipe up from the white line at the bottom of the touchscreen.  Touch the "trash-can" icon in the lower left, then confirm by choosing "Delete."   IMPORTANT: Deleting a picture is permanent.  
delete_pictures01.jpg              delete_pictures02.jpg

TIP: To learn how to delete all the pictures on the first generation Lytro camera at once, click here.




TIP: For more info on the Lytro camera features and controls, click here.

NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.