First Generation Lytro Camera - 1: Power: On, Off, and Sleep

  • Power on: Press the indented shutter button on top of the camera once.

 (You can also press the power button on the underside if you prefer; it makes no difference.)  



TIP: When in sleep mode (see NOTE below), the Lytro camera will power on almost instantly. When fully powered off, the camera will take slightly longer to power on.



  • Power off: Press the power button on the underside once; the camera will enter sleep mode. The camera also automatically enters sleep mode on its own after a period of inactivity.


NOTE: The Lytro camera has intelligent power-management features. The Lytro camera will only fully power itself down after already being in sleep mode for a little while.  When the camera fully powers off, you may notice a small amount of vibration as the zoom motor returns to its home position.

TIP: For more info on the Lytro camera features and controls, click here.
NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.



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