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First Generation Lytro Camera - 2: Compose and Shoot

The first generation Lytro camera always enters shooting mode as soon as it is powered on; each press of the shutter button then takes a picture of whatever you see on-screen.


    • Shutter button: Press the indented button on top of the camera to take a picture. (If you are in picture review mode, the first press of the shutter button returns you to shooting mode.)

IMPORTANT: For detailed tips on shooting great living pictures, click here.

    • Zoom slider: Drag your finger slowly left or right along the raised ridges in the gray silicone housing. The touchscreen will display the changing zoom level along the very top of the screen. 

TIP: The zoom slider is inertial, so dragging quickly moves the indicator even after lifting your finger.

    • Exposure: The Lytro camera always automatically sets the exposure for your composition unless you decide to alter it. To override the auto-exposure for your next picture, first compose the picture, then tap the light (or dark) areas of your composition on the touchscreen. 



TIP: For more info on the Lytro camera features and controls, click here.

NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.