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First Generation Lytro Camera - 5: Creative Mode

The Lytro camera offers an advanced mode called Creative Mode that gives you more control over the refocus range in the scene.

  • In Everyday Mode, the refocus range -- the distance between objects in the foreground and background that can be re-focused -- is set for you.
  • In Creative Mode, after framing your shot, tap on the most important object in your composition to make it the primary point of focus.  
  • Creative mode makes very close (macro) shots possible; you can almost touch the lens to your near subject!  Try it!

creativemode_01.jpg              creativemode_02.jpg

 Here's how to enter Creative Mode:

  1. While in shooting mode, aka live view, swipe upward on the touchscreen to reveal the General Control Dock. 
  2. Tap the square in the lower left corner.  You are now in Creative Mode!  (cue dramatic music)
  3. The Creative Mode icon turns blue when enabled. 
    • Creative Mode is indicated while in shooting mode by a blue border around the camera's touchscreen.
    • Dismiss the Dock by tapping the center of the screen.
  4. Frame your picture using the zoom slider on the top of the camera.  
  5. Tap the screen, touching the most important object in your composition. This could be a person, object or landscape. You will see some blur while the camera re-sets the refocus range.
  6. Press the shutter to take a picture.  
  7. When you take a picture of a new scene, remember to tap the screen again to re-set the refocus range. 
  8. To leave Creative Mode, swipe up again to re-enter the General Control Dock, and tap again on the square icon so that it is no longer blue.

Creative Mode is great for pictures like: 

  • Macro shots  - Extreme close-up shots. Creative Mode lets you focus on things that are super close to the camera. Imagine changing focus between petals in a flower, or berries in a small bowl or the diamonds in your wedding ring. To get these shots, you will be almost be able to touch the lens to the subject. 
  • Portraiture - Dramatic portraiture [portraits / faces]. Creative mode allows you to have the creative control of the refocus range, which really allows you to get a strong blur behind your subject. 
  • Distant objects - In Creative Mode you can also better capture subjects that are farther away by taking advantage of the full (8x) zoom range of the Lytro camera.



  • For experienced users of Creative Mode, note there are differences in functionality with firmware versions 1.1.2 and later.
  • Just like in Everyday Mode, in Creative Mode you can tell that you will have a living picture with dramatic refocus when there is a small amount of blur on your foreground subject. 
  • When in Creative Mode, you cannot yet adjust exposure of the scene like you can in Everyday Mode. Tapping on your picture before you take the picture sets your refocus range, not the exposure.  However, you can use Creative Mode in combination with Manual Controls to adjust exposure and shutter speed.
  • For more info on the Lytro camera features and controls, click here.

NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.