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First Generation Lytro Camera - ND Filter Toggle (Manual Controls)

NOTE: You cannot toggle the Neutral Density (ND) Filter unless both the Shutter Speed and ISO Sensitivity are set manually.


The Neutral Density (ND) Filter is a physical filter that, when engaged, reduces the intensity of the light hitting the sensor by 4 equivalent f-stops.  

In normal Everyday Mode, the ND Filter will engage automatically when pointing at a bright light source. With Manual Controls, you can toggle the ND Filter on or off to achieve an intentionally underexposed or blown-out look, or to keep the first generation Lytro camera from adjusting itself while you compose your shot.

Here's how to toggle the ND Filter:

  1. Make sure Manual Controls are enabled (swipe up on the touchscreen, touch the "gear" icon, then from the Menu verify the "Manual" option is checked; touch the blue "X" to exit the Menu).
  2. Swipe down on the touchscreen and touch the "Shutter Speed" button.
  3. Touch the "ND" button to toggle the ND Filter setting.
  4. If the ND button is yellow, then the ND Filter is engaged-- and will remain engaged as long as full manual controls are in use, or until the ND Filter is manually toggled off again.
    • If the ND button is white, then the ND Filter is disengaged.
    • IMPORTANT: Be cautious when the ND Filter is manually disengaged while zoomed in on extremely bright light sources (e.g. lasers, commercial lighting, or industrial LEDs) for long periods of time.
  5. Touch the "Set" button. (If you touch "Auto" then your adjustments will not be kept.)
TIP: You can also toggle the ND filter by visiting the screens in the reverse order from that described above, e.g. first touching the "ISO Sensitivity" button, then-- if you do not see an "ND" button-- selecting a manual ISO Sensitivity before visiting the Shutter Speed screen. 

NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.