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First Generation Lytro Camera - Auto-Exposure Lock

NOTE: You cannot use Auto-Exposure (AE) Lock when both Shutter Speed and ISO Sensitivity are set manually.

  • You can use Auto-Exposure Lock when either of these manual settings is engaged, but not both. 
  • You can also use Auto-Exposure Lock at any time within Everyday Mode and Creative Mode.


In Everyday Mode, you have always been able to choose to manually adjust the exposure in your composition-- but as soon as you moved the camera, auto-exposure would resume.

When using Auto-Exposure Lock, moving the first generation Lytro camera has no effect.


Here's how to lock auto-exposure:

  1. Compose your picture normally.
  2. If you decide that the composition is too bright or too dark, touch and hold the touchscreen over the bright (or dark) area.
  3. You will see the text "AE Lock" appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To return to normal auto-exposure, tap the screen once-- or take a picture. 

NOTE: Auto-Exposure Lock only applies to your next picture.

This article applies only to the first generation Lytro camera.