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How do I perform a "hard reset" on the first generation Lytro camera?

Why you might do this procedure:

  • You are having difficulty charging the camera.
  • Any normal function of the first generation camera is not working properly, and a "soft reset" has been unsuccessful or is not possible.


==> Please follow these instructions exactly; the order and timing are very important! <==
  1. If you are having trouble charging the battery, you must connect the camera to USB power first, and leave it connected, before proceeding.
  2. You must be directly connected to your computer or to a wall AC adapter; do NOT use a USB hub.
  3. If you have a Lytro wall charger, use it for the following process and go to step 5.
  4. If not, try and find a micro-USB charger that does at least 2 Amps; some computer USB ports are underpowered and may fail where a good wall charger will work.
  5. Hold down the Power button, near the USB flap on the underside of the camera (NOT the Shutter button) for a full 45 seconds, using a timepiece to verify duration:
  6. If still no results, perform an "extended hard reset" by holding down the Power button for a full 90 seconds, again using a timepiece to verify duration.
  7. If still no results, try charging overnight (at least 6 hours)
  8. If the issue persists after completing these steps please let us know via Live Chat, or open a support ticket at the top of this page.
  • On the other hand, if you were able to restore functionality using a "hard reset" or "extended hard reset", please use the option below to indicate you "found this useful." Thanks!
  • NOTE: This article applies to the first generation Lytro camera only.