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Lytro Terms and Definitions

Here are some brief explanations of words you may see in the Lytro camera screens, in the Lytro Desktop software, and on our website:

  • Camera Case: an accessory to hold the Lytro camera for quick, easy access; includes internal Accessory Bag.
  • Camera Sleeve: an accessory to help protect your Lytro camera, with a sleek and compact form factor; includes sturdy matching Wrist Strap.
  • Creative Mode: an advanced shooting mode that gives you control over the refocus range.
  • Everyday Mode: our default shooting mode.  If Creative Mode and Manual Controls are turned off, then you're in Everyday Mode.
  • Exposure: the overall relative lightness or darkness of a living picture. This can be set using Manual Controls.
    • TIP: Even though auto-exposure is controlled by the Lytro camera in Everyday Mode, you can still manually adjust exposure on a picture-by-picture basis.  
  • Fast Charger: an accessory to plug the camera directly into a wall outlet for a speedier charge.
  • Importing: the combined action of transferring pictures from your camera to the Lytro Desktop software, and then also processing them so they can be viewed and explored.
  • ISO Sensitivity: how sensitive to light the sensor on the camera will be.
  • Living Filter: allows you to apply an interactive special effect to your living pictures.
  • Living Picture: the informal term for an Light Field Picture (LFP) captured by a Lytro camera. 
    • TIP: A "living picture" can be refocused at any time, both by you and by others: on the Lytro camera, in Lytro Desktop, and on Lytro Web.
  • Lytro: the name of our company. (Did you know that Lytro rhymes with "micro"?)
  • Lytro camera: our very first commercial light field camera.  (Its formal name is the "Lytro Light Field Camera," but that's a bit of a mouthful for everyday use.)
  • the entirety of the Lytro website, including Lytro Web but also the informational and ordering areas, plus the company picture gallery. See our Terms of Use for more information.
  • Lytro Desktop: the software that fully processes the light field for your pictures and displays them on your computer. See our minimum specifications for computers to run Lytro Desktop.
  • Lytro Web: the picture-sharing areas and features of the website, aka pictures.lytro.comSee our supported browsers and devices for viewing living pictures.
  • Manual Controls: advanced shooting features that allow you to set shutter speed and ISO manually, lock exposure, or lock the ND filter.
  • Megaray: one million rays of light, expressed as data (direction, color, and luminosity); our standard measure of light-field resolution.  The Lytro camera is an 11-Megaray camera.
  • Motion Blur: imprecise light capture, caused by the motion of the subject or of the camera lens. Light field technology does not solve for motion blur.
  • ND Filter: a physical filter that, when engaged, reduces the intensity of the light hitting the sensor.
  • Perspective Shift: allows changing the point of view in a picture interactively, after the picture has already been taken.
  • Processing: full computation of the light field in your living pictures. Processing happens automatically after pictures transfer from Lytro camera to Lytro Desktop. 
  • "Public": one of two possible privacy states for pictures posted on Lytro Web. "Public" pictures can be seen by anyone.
  • Refocus: altering the display of light data within a living picture by clicking or tapping. The light data itself does not change when you refocus-- just what aspects of that data are being revealed.
  • Refocus range: the span of shooting distances within which various objects can later be refocused clearly.  You can adjust the refocus range using Creative Mode.
  • Reprocessing: enabling Perspective Shift on living pictures.  This is an optional step.
  • Shutter Speed: the length of time that the shutter remains open.  This can be set using Manual Controls.
  • Sleep: the default power-off state on the Lytro camera.
  • Star: a way to mark your favorites and manage workflow on the camera and within Lytro Desktop.
  • Story:  A group of living pictures within the Lytro Desktop software or on Lytro Web.
  • Transferring: moving pictures from the Lytro camera to the Lytro Desktop software. 
  • Tripod Mount: an accessory to steady and secure the camera.
  • "Unlisted": one of two possible privacy states for pictures posted on Lytro Web. Unlisted (non-public) pictures can only be seen by people with the weblink (URL) to that picture or story.
  • Zoom Slider: controls how tightly framed your compositions are on the Lytro camera; a line of slightly raised ridges in the silicone housing on the Lytro camera.