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Why haven't I heard back from Lytro Support?

The Lytro Support team responds to 100% of all support requests we receive within 2 business days -- but most support requests are handled significantly faster than that.
Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Pacific Time.
The most common reasons for not receiving a reply are:  
  • A typo in the email address that you provided to us, or providing an alternate email address that you don't check very often
    • Action: Please use the blue text "Open a Support Ticket" link below to create a new ticket, or check your alternate email accounts. 
  • Writing to a non-support email address
    • Action: Please do not reply to any automated email messages containing Lytro announcements or order updates. Use the the blue text "Open a Support Ticket" link below instead. 
    • TIP: Once a conversation with Lytro Support has begun, until that issue is resolved please always reply to the most recent email you've received from Lytro Support instead of composing a fresh email.
  • A spam filter preventing our emails to you from reaching your inbox. 
    • Action: Please check your spam or junk folders, and/or add "" and "" to your email whitelist or address book.
  • If you have questions about your order, we recommend that you try to verify your order status first before proceeding.
  • No matter what, if you're still having issues, please try emailing support directly at: -- we promise you'll get a swift reply!