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Lytro Lessons - First Generation Camera Instructional Videos

The following videos have been created to help you get the most out of your FIRST GENERATION LYTRO CAMERA experience.


Lytro Lesson #1: "Show Me" with Bob Duncan

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Lytro Lesson #2: "Landmarks" with Del Seymour

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Lytro Lesson #3: "Close-Up" with Smitten Ice Cream

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Lytro Lesson #4: "Outdoor Play" at Dolores Park

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Lytro Lesson #5: "Action Shots" with the San Francisco Bulls

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Lytro Lesson #6: "Outdoor Low Light" with Pro Surfer Ryan Seelbach at the Golden Gate Bridge

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Lytro Lesson #7: "Indoor Lowlight" with chef Matt McNamara

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Introducing the Virtual Camera (2m37s)

Adjusting Living Pictures (3m13s) 

Animating Living Pictures (3m4s)   

Exporting Living Pictures (1m31s)

Focus Spread (3m49s)


Externally Editing Living Pictures in Adobe Photoshop (2m32s)  

  • Lytro Desktop 4 provides a suite of optical, exposure, and color adjustment tools. Yet sometimes, you want to do more, whether it's a selective adjustment or converting your living picture to black and white. Learn how to use Lytro Desktop to edit your living pictures in Adobe Photoshop to get exactly the look you desire.

Editing Depth Maps and Fixing Depth Map Errors (5m51s) 

  • Lytro Desktop automatically generates depth maps-data about the depth of each pixel in the scene-for every living picture. Sometimes, the depth maps require a little cleanup to make your living pictures look perfect. This video covers how to edit your pictures' depth maps.


Present Your Living Pictures (1m45s)