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New Features: Perspective Shift & Living Filters

December 4, 2012 feature release:


For living pictures, we're proud to have launched two major new features, for both new and existing living pictures, that can be shared with your friends and family:

  • Perspective Shift- The ability to change the point of view in a picture interactively, after it has been taken.
  • Living Filters - The ability to change colors and textures in your living pictures, or create distortion or other special effects that interact with light field depth.
On the Lytro camera, we now offer:
For Lytro Desktop, we've now provided an easy tool for:
Recent changes:
  • On the Lytro camera:
    • Manual Controls - You can now set shutter speed, ISO equivalent, ND filter, and auto-exposure lock. 
  • On Lytro Web, and our other online sharing features:
    • Lytro Player - An all-new player, with support for Perspective Shift, Living Filters, and many other enhancements.
    • Love Button - Let others know you enjoyed their pictures on Lytro Web!