c. Picture Page on Lytro Web

Every picture on Lytro Web has a Picture Page, where you can use all the features of the Lytro Player, such as refocusing a picture.


As long as you are signed in to Lytro Web, as the owner of the account that uploaded the picture, you can also:


1.Add a caption: Click the placeholder text below your user name and enter your own caption.  

      • NOTE: When sharing pictures (on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus) that are part of an Album (group of pictures), a caption you enter here will override any Album description that you may have previously given on the Album Page.

2.Delete the selected picture: Click the "settings" button (the "gear" icon) below the lower right corner of the picture, then click "Delete."

      • IMPORTANT: Unless you still have access to this picture in Lytro Desktop, deleting a picture is permanent.  
      • Also, even if you do still have access to this picture in Lytro Desktop, currently there is no way to add a picture to an existing Lytro Web Album, so if you change your mind you must re-upload the entire Album from Lytro Desktop.


To leave the Picture page, you can:

3. Return to your Lytro Web "Profile Page" by clicking the "X" icon in the upper right hand corner.  This will take you back to the Album Page-- where you can review the other pictures in that Album, add an Album description, and change the Album privacy setting.






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