b. Lytro Web Album page: Privacy Settings, Delete an Album, Change Title, Add Description

After you leave the Lytro Web "Profile Page" (by clicking any Album icon), you will enter the Album Page*, where you can: 

1a. Enter a new title for this Album: Click the current title of the Album once, and enter a new title.

1b. Click the "check" button to confirm your new title.



2. Change the privacy setting: Click the "settings" button (the "gear" icon), then click "Make Unlisted" (or "Make Public") to change the privacy setting on this Album (group of pictures).

3. Delete the selected Album: Click the "settings" button (the "gear" icon), then click the "Delete" button.

    • IMPORTANT: Unless you still have access to these pictures in Lytro Desktop, deleting pictures is permanent.

4a. Enter a description for this Album: Click the description placeholder for the Album once, and enter a description. 

4b. Click the "check" button to confirm your new title.

    • NOTE: By default, when sharing pictures your Album description will be associated with each picture in that Album, unless you give that picture a separate caption on its Picture Page.


  • To enter a Picture Page, click any picture.
  • To exit back to "My Homepage," click your Username in the upper left, or use your browser's "Back" button.



  • *Clicking a Album that contains only one picture on "My Homepage" will instead take you directly to the Picture Page.  Although single-picture Albums currently do have an Album page (which can be accessed from the Picture Page), there are no additional options there-- the Picture Page is really all you need for single-picture Albums.
  • You cannot refocus pictures, explore Perspective Shift, or delete pictures from the Album Page.  You must do these things on the Picture Page.
  • You cannot currently edit Albums (add or re-arrange pictures) on Lytro Web, although you can delete pictures from an Album on the Picture Page.  If you'd like to revise an Album, you must re-upload the new version from Lytro Desktop.


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