d. How do I sign into or sign up for my Lytro Web account?

Sign In:

To sign into your Lytro Web (pictures.lytro.com) account, visit: 



You will see the Lytro Web Sign-In screen:

  •  If you have forgotten your Lytro account password, use the orange "Forgot your password?" link below the sign-in fields, or just click here.


  • To visit your Lytro Web "Albums" Homepage, click the pull-down menu in the upper left and choose "Albums" as shown:

pictures.lytro.com/[your username]


Sign Up:

If you need your own Lytro account, visit: 



You will see the Lytro Web Sign-Up screen:


  • You must enter your First Name and your Last Name in the "Name" field.
  • Please be sure to read our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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