Post a video of a living picture to Facebook from Lytro Web

You can quickly share a video animation of your living picture directly to your Facebook page from Lytro Web.  

NOTE - You cannot directly share living pictures on Facebook


  • It is possible to share a picture on Facebook no matter whether that picture is public or unlisted (non-public) on Lytro Web itself; therefore be sure your Facebook privacy settings are configured correctly before sharing.
  • If you are sharing a single picture that is part of an unlisted (non-public) Album-- a group of pictures on Lytro Web-- then be aware that the audience for your Facebook post will still be able to click through to see the rest of the pictures in that Album, as well-- not just the one picture you shared. 
  • See our detailed notes on sharing unlisted (non-public) pictures on Lytro Web for more information. 

Sharing on Facebook:

1. From any individual Picture Page on Lytro Web, click the "Facebook" button in the lower left corner; if you are already signed into Facebook, your picture will be queued to be processed and posted to Facebook.  This will take a few minutes.  

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to observe our Community Guidelines whenever you share pictures. 

2. If you are not already signed into Facebook, you will be prompted to sign into Facebook within a new tab or window in your web browser.

TIP: Remember that your Facebook password may be different from your Lytro password, even if you use the same email address for both.

3. If you are already signed into Facebook, your picture will now be shared on Facebook.   



  • Your Facebook post with the shared picture will not necessarily automatically show up in your own Facebook News Feed, though; you may need to visit your Facebook Timeline (aka Facebook Wall) to see it.
  • If you're sharing an entire Album on Facebook-- not just one picture-- then you may want to mention in your Facebook post that your friends and family will have to click the link in your post to see all of the pictures you've shared.
  • If you yourself are unable to see an unlisted (non-public) picture that you previously uploaded to Lytro Web, be sure you have signed in to Lytro Web first before attempting to share pictures.





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