How do I share a picture on Twitter from Lytro Web?


  • It is possible to share a link to a picture on Twitter no matter whether that picture is public or unlisted (non-public) on Lytro Web itself; therefore be sure your Twitter privacy settings are configured as intended before tweeting.
  • If you are sharing a picture that is part of an unlisted (non-public) Album-- a group of pictures on Lytro Web-- then be aware that the audience for your tweet will still be able to click through to see the rest of the pictures in that Album, as well-- not just the one picture you shared. 
  • See our detailed notes on sharing unlisted (non-public) pictures on Lytro Web for more information.


Sharing on Twitter:

1. From any individual Picture Page on Lytro Web, click the "Twitter" icon in the lower left corner:

 IMPORTANT: Please be sure to observe our Community Guidelines whenever you share pictures.

2. You will see a preview of your "tweet," with suggested commentary, within a new tab or window in your web browser:

NOTE: You will first be prompted to sign into Twitter if you are not already signed in. 

From here you can:

A. Customize the tweet by modifying or replacing the caption on the picture (or the description of the Album).

TIP: Feel free to add hashtags or "@name" mentions to alert Twitter friends who you think would especially like this picture.

B. Confirm sharing with the "Tweet" button.   

3. Your tweet will be posted to your Twitter account. 



  • Note that your own tweets might not stick around for very long in your own Twitter feed; you may need to visit your own Twitter profile page to see your recent tweets.
  • You always have the option of sharing an entire Album on Twitter, not just a single picture at a time.  However, in that case you might want to urge your audience to click the included link since the "Show media" interface on will only show the first picture in your Album.
  • If you are unable to see an unlisted (non-public) picture you previously uploaded to Lytro Web, be sure you have signed in to Lytro Web first before attempting to share pictures.





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