How do I share a picture via email?


    • Carefully consider the nature of the picture and your intended recipient list-- as always, taking into account our Community Guidelines-- before sharing.
    • Remember that your friends and family can do whatever they wish with the link after you share it with them, including emailing it again, or posting it on social media services like Facebook or Twitter.
    • It is possible to share a link to a picture no matter whether or not that picture is public or unlisted (non-public) on Lytro Web itself.
    • If you are sharing a picture that is part of an unlisted (non-public) Album-- a group of pictures on Lytro Web-- then be aware that the audience for your email can click through to see the rest of the pictures in that Album, as well-- not just the one picture you shared. 
    • See our detailed notes on sharing unlisted (non-public) pictures on Lytro Web for more information.


Sharing via email, etc.:

1. From any individual Picture Page on Lytro Web, just copy the URL (weblink) from your web browser as shown:

 IMPORTANT: Please be sure to observe our Community Guidelines whenever you share pictures.


2. You may now share the link by pasting it into an email, a chat session, or anywhere else you wish.


3. Your friends and family can then click the link you sent-- or they can manually copy and paste the link into a web browser -- in order to explore your picture for themselves.  



  • The above steps are only intended for sharing pictures via email and chat.  
  • For sharing pictures on social media sites, we suggest using our built-in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Embed sharing tools instead.
  • You always have the option of sharing an entire Album via email (not just a single picture)-- just start from any Album Page on Lytro Web.
  • As mentioned at the beginning of this article, always consider carefully what picture(s) you are sharing, and with whom.
  • If you are unable to see an unlisted (non-public) picture that you previously uploaded to Lytro Web, be sure you have signed in to Lytro Web first before attempting to share pictures.





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