How do I embed a picture on a website or blog?

How do I embed a picture on a website or blog?

You are always welcome to use your own space on Lytro Web as your primary gallery for your living pictures.

(This is true whether you choose to share your living pictures-- on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or via email-- or not).

However, if you have your own website or blog and would like to show off a few living pictures there-- perhaps to illustrate a story or article-- then the following instructions are for you.

Embedding a picture:

  1. View the desired living picture, on its Lytro Web Picture Page.

  2. Click the "embed" symbol and click the "Copy" button:

  1. You now have the embed code copied to your computer's clipboard.  You can use this code in any of the following ways:

  • Your own website: Paste the copied Lytro embed code into the appropriate area using the HTML editing tool for your website.

  • Wordpress: Follow these detailed instructions from Wordpress.  (NOTE: Here are separate instructions for hosted users.)

  • Tumblr: You have two different options:

    • Choose the option to post a video, then paste in the entire Lytro embed code you just copied (not just the URL).

    • Choose the option to post text, then click the HTML button, and paste the entire Lytro embed code into the HTML editor.

Features of an unaltered embedded picture:

The picture will appear on your website or blog in the standard embedded Lytro Player format:


  • Clicking the info icon and then the question mark icon-- which appears near the lower right corner of the picture-- gives the viewer instructions on how to use the Lytro Player:


  • Your username links back to the original picture on Lytro Web.

  • The caption, if any, is the one that you have previously given that picture on its Lytro Web Picture Page.


Ready for more options?  Want to more control over how your embedded picture looks?  See our knowledgebase article on advanced living picture embed options!


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