Sharing "unlisted" (non-public) pictures

Lytro Web offers extensive tools for sharing pictures.

You can choose one of two possible privacy states for those pictures: public or unlisted (non-public).  


Here's how to embed unlisted pictures:

Here are some key aspects of understanding privacy options on Lytro Web:

  • Privacy on Lytro Web depends on the discretion of your friends and family.  It's possible for any picture, once shared, to be re-shared by those who can view it (i.e. those who have its URL /weblink)-- including being re-shared on social media services like Facebook or Twitter-- so be thoughtful about which pictures you share, and with whom.
    • TIP: If you ever find out a picture has been shared more widely than you intended, you have two choices:
      • you can delete that picture from its Picture Page on Lytro Web, or 
      • you can change the privacy of the Album (group of pictures) containing that picture to "unlisted" on your Lytro Web "Profile Page" and then re-share that newly-unlisted picture. 
    • However, it's best to avoid either of these situations since your original intended audience will find the link you initially shared is now broken.


  • To verify if a picture or Album is currently public or unlisted, first check your Profile Page or the Album Page to see whether the "Public" or "Unlisted" option has been set for the Story that contains the picture(s) you want to share:



    • Check the "Settings" button ("gear" icon) to change an Album's privacy state as desired.
    • Be cautious about making pictures "unlisted" after you share them, since that will break the link you initially shared.
  • It's best to upload pictures to Lytro Web in an Album (a group of pictures) based on your desired privacy level before sharing.
    • That's because anyone with the "tokenized" URL (link) you shared will be able to click through to view the entire non-public Album (group of pictures) which contains that picture. 
    • In other words, the permissions are the same whether you share a whole Album from its Album Page or a single picture within that Album from its Picture Page.  
    • This is still true if anyone who you shared with later decides to re-share that same tokenized URL (link), including on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter!
    • Some people may choose to upload a single picture at a time if they know they'd like to share just that one picture without worrying about giving access to other pictures at the same time.


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