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First Generation Image Quality part 2: Sharpness re-calibration & refocus range changes

Responding to feedback about background image quality in everyday mode, we've implemented a change in overall image sharpness. In firmware (camera software) versions before 1.1, overall image quality has been weighted in favor of near subjects; you've probably noticed in the past that foreground subjects (those very close to the camera) are sharper and clearer than faraway subjects (those at optical infinity). 

So, starting with firmware v1.1 and later, we've slightly increased the distance required between the camera lens and a foreground subject, in order to refocus sharply on that subject. The upside is that this allows us to create noticeably sharper backgrounds, and, hopefully, better overall picture quality.

What's this mean in practice? For example, in Everyday Mode at 1x, with the zoom slider all the way to the left, you'll no longer be able to sharply refocus objects that are less than 5 inches (less than 13 cm) from the camera; you’ll now need to be about 6 - 7 inches (15 - 18 cm) away.  If you want to get closer, you'll have to go into Creative Mode.
  • This article is part of an ongoing series on Image Quality.
  • The changes described in this article only affect Everyday Mode; nothing changed in Creative Mode.