Lytro Web - Community Content Guidelines (Living Pictures)

These community standards guidelines complement and explain some of the things in our Terms of Use document.  For a full understanding, please be sure to review our entire Terms of Use and additional Q & A.

Lytro is introducing a new way to take and experience pictures.  What we provide at  (also called Lytro Web) is an online gathering place to share your living pictures, and as such your public pictures may be seen by other people. 

Our goal for pictures on Lytro Web is to achieve a balance between encouraging creativity on one hand, and on the other making Lytro Web a safe and fun place to explore the frontier of light field photography. 

Lytro Do's
  • Please do share your living pictures with your fellow Lytro camera owners and the Internet community at large. We love seeing your work. When we're extra impressed by one of your public pictures, we may even bring attention to it in a future feature.
  • Please do select privacy settings on your pictures appropriately. If you wouldn't show it to your grandparents and/or young niece or nephew, then please do not make it public.  NOTE: Even non-public (unlisted) pictures are only as private as their URL (weblink) continues to be; for example, if a friend whom you shared a non-public URL with then decides to post it to their own Facebook news feed, or shares it with any of their friends, then the entire audience for that re-share will be able to view your non-public (unlisted) picture.  
  • Please do be creative. The Lytro camera and full end-to-end experience offers a new way to take and experience pictures. We're looking forward to seeing your artistic experiments!
  • And please... be excellent to each other. We want this to be a friendly, encouraging place.

Lytro Don'ts

As a photo-sharing website, we're bound by certain laws. And as a company, there's some stuff we just don't support. So we ask that you do not upload anything that violates this short list:
  • Do not post illegal or unwanted content on your public Lytro Web ( page. That means no unlawful, obscene, pornographic, violent, defamatory, fraudulent, or harmful images. We know that there are gray areas, but for example, it's safe to say that on your public Lytro Web page we don't want to see genitalia, sexualized minors, or extreme gore.  
  • Do not post pictures that violate copyright.  Pictures in your gallery should always be created by you, or else you should have the photographer’s permission to post them publicly on Lytro Web (
  • Do not use Lytro Web to violate the rights or the privacy of any other person.  Lytro Web is not a platform for abuse, harassment, intimidation, hate speech, personal attacks, or impersonation
  • Don’t be that person. You know, the one that ruins a great place for everyone else.

We want to support as wide a variety of artistic content as possible, but we reserve the right to review and remove work that violates these guidelines or our Terms of Use. At our discretion, we may change the privacy settings or permissions of a picture or Story to remove it from public view, or, in rare cases, remove it from the site entirely. We don't want to do this, and we will strive to work with our members to find solutions to any potential problems.

If you are ever unsure about whether an image is appropriate, feel free to ask us. If you think a picture someone else posted may violate these guidelines or our Terms of Use, please let us know.  

Lytro is evolving and we expect these community guidelines to evolve with it.  Let us know if you think we can do better.

We're excited about the possibilities of light field photography, and thank you for pioneering it with us.  


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