Lytro Terms of Use - plus additional Q & A

IMPORTANT: To read our full Terms of Use, please CLICK HERE.


You might want to review the following Q & A first, though.  In no way are these points a substitute for reading the entire Terms of Use, nor are they intended to limit or expand the legal language there, but hopefully they will guide your understanding as you read:

  • What are my options if I don't want to use Lytro Web ( at all?

Lytro camera owners can enjoy their living pictures without uploading them to the photo-sharing areas of, known as Lytro Web. The Lytro camera comes with the Lytro Desktop software, which allows for direct transfer of the pictures to the user's computer, where the user can view and enjoy them.

  • Can I control who can see my living pictures if I do decide to upload them to Lytro Web?

The only way to be certain your pictures will remain entirely private is not to upload them.  Bear in mind that Lytro Web is essentially a picture-sharing service.  You can make any of your pictures unlisted (non-public), so that only people with the specific weblink (URL) to those pictures can see them-- but any of the people you share that link with could choose to share it further, including in public contexts such as social media services like Twitter and Facebook.

  • What is all of this in the Terms of Use about allowing others to manipulate my living pictures and so on?

The Terms of Use for account for the fact that pictures taken with the Lytro camera have enhanced capabilities like the ability for viewers to refocus each living picture.  

  • Can I use Lytro Web for commercial purposes?

No, not at this time.  The features of Lytro Web are intended for personal use, and photographers who would like to use it as a commercial platform for their living pictures need to contact us individually.  Also, note that our Terms of Use restrict commercial printing of the living pictures of others (pictures taken by other users or by Lytro itself) without their consent.

  • Does that mean I cannot print my own living pictures for commercial purposes?

No, that's not what it means.  You can print your own living pictures for whatever purpose you wish. They are yours. Our Terms of Use only restrict commercial printing of the living pictures of others (pictures taken by other users or by Lytro) without their consent.  

  • Can I use a Lytro camera for any other commercial purpose?
Sure.  Our Terms of Use govern  There's a difference between what you are hosting online through Lytro Web and what you choose to do with your content on your own computer via the included Lytro Desktop software.  Note, however, that you may not be able to share living pictures easily off-site in this sort of situation.
  • Does all this mean Lytro is making some kind of ownership claim on my living pictures?

No.  Lytro does not claim ownership of users' living pictures, either on or elsewhere.  Similarly to other photo-sharing websites, Lytro only obtains a license from its users that enables Lytro to deliver the services and functionality of  Lytro is not claiming copyright on your pictures.


With all that in mind, hopefully the meaning and intent of some of the specifics in our Terms of Use will be more clear.


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