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LYTRO ILLUM lens specs: focal length, zoom, macro ratio, and more

LYTRO ILLUM lens specifications:

  • 30 - 250 mm Focal Length (35 mm equivalent)
  • 8x optical zoom
  • Constant f/2.0 lens aperture across the entire zoom range
  • Field of view:
    • Vertical FOV: ~62 degrees
    • Horizontal FOV: ~43.5 degrees
    • Diagonal FOV: ~72 degrees
  • 3.19 crop factor
  • Extreme Macro Focus to 0 mm from lens front
  • Macro Ratio 1 : 3
  • 72mm diameter threaded to work with standard 72mm filters

The LYTRO ILLUM lens is not interchangeable.


More about the science behind our 30-250mm lens: 


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