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What type of memory card does the LYTRO ILLUM use?

The LYTRO ILLUM uses a standard SD Memory Card slot for media storage.

A memory card is not included with the LYTRO ILLUM camera and is required for image capture.

A slow memory card will limit file writing speed and negatively impact frame rate and capture performance.

Lytro recommends that you start out with a 95MB/s, 32GB, SDHC/SDXC Class 10 card, which will hold about 500 Living Pictures.  

The LYTRO ILLUM will support up to speed class UHS-1.

We recommend using a card with the highest UHS-1 read and write speed that you can get for the best performance.  This is especially important for continuous shooting and frame rate.  

Minimum:  45MB/s

Recommended: 95MB/s

You should also format the SD in the camera before you use it.

There is no maximum SD card size limit.