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Can I print images from the LYTRO ILLUM?

Absolutely, but:  the primary purpose of the LYTRO ILLUM is creating dynamic, interactive living pictures for digital display.  The LYTRO ILLUM offers much greater resolution, available pixel information, and creative control than the first generation Lytro camera, resulting in a greater range of print options and higher available print quality, but its primary purpose is still creating living pictures, not printing 2D images.  It is not a replacement for your DSLR's output.  

That being said, of course, there are many reasons to want to print, and you can choose a focus point for your image and export a static 2D image.  

The peak output of such a 2D export focus point is 4 MP, and its files have enough pixel information to create, in our opinion, great prints up to 8 x 10.  Depending on your personal needs, printer types, sharpening settings, and DPI choices, larger prints can be made.