Buying and Selling Living Pictures

Your content is your own, and you may do whatever you want with with it, including selling it via whatever method you're comfortable with.

If a buyer sees a work of yours on our site and is interested in purchasing rights, they could contact us through and we will alert you with their contact information (we will not give out your contact info).  

If you are interested in purchasing content that you see on the Lytro Gallery, please contact us with a link to the images(s) you're interested in, and we will forward your contact info to the content's owner.  

Content can only be sold or licensed directly through the consent of the owner, per Lytro's Terms of Use which state:

"If you would like to commercially otherwise use any users’ living pictures posted on, please contact the user directly to obtain their consent." 

Our Full Terms Of Use policy can be found here.




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