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What are the native LYTRO ILLUM image file formats?


  1. LFP (Light Field Picture) is a container format, like AVI.  All Lytro living picture files are actually Light Field Pictures, the difference is what is inside.

  2. Lytro RAW (.lfr) is an LFP with raw image data, and is the initial input into processing via Lytro Desktop or Lytro Web.    They are about 50Mb in size.

  3. Lytro XRAW (.lfx) is a RAW LFP (same as above) plus calibration data.  This file type should only be used if you know you will be sharing files with someone or processing on a system without access to your camera's pairing data as these files are very large in size and can effect the performance of your camera.

  4. Lytro Shared - Web optimized image stack file format + plus viewer software.  Optimized for video displays.  This is what most people see and interact with when they are viewing a Living Picture on a website.  These are usually less than 2MB in size.