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Desktop 4 - Animate (Mac)

Please watch the "Animating Living Pictures" training video!

The Animate tool in Lytro Desktop 4 is designed to allow you to easily add animations to your living pictures.  Available animations include transitions through various combinations of focus, pan, zoom, perspective, aperture, and tilt, which you can use to direct viewers through your living pictures as you'd like them to be viewed.  

To access the animation tools, click on the Animate icon in the Sidebar of Desktop.  This will open the animate panel.

Animations are added from the left-hand panel, and modified using keyframes.  The animation panel will open with the currently selected living picture.   Living pictures have a starting and ending keyframe, by default, displayed in the timeline.

When a living picture is opened in the animation panel, the starting and ending keyframes will be displayed by default. 

To add an animation, first, select the starting point for your animation by clicking on the first keyframe in the timeline.    Then, click on the animation that you want to add from the available options:

  • Select a keyframe by clicking on it in the timeline, and then click on an animation option to add it to the selected living picture
  • Click and drag keyframes to adjust the playing time of the selected animation
  • Click the Play icon in the middle above the timeline to view the animation
  • Manually add changes by adding and modifying keyframes
    • Click Add Keyframe to add a Keyframe
    • Click and drag to move your living picture within the frame, or
    • Click to refocus, or
    • Zoom using the zoom slider or mouse wheel
    • Then click Modify Keyframe to save the change into the animation
    • This will allow you to manually modify the animation effects, so that you can choose framing and focus as the animation plays
    • Add and modify as many keyframes as desired
    • To remove a Keyframe, click on it and click "Delete" on your keyboard
  • Only one animation can be applied at a time
  • When you add or modify an animation, changes will be automatically saved to that living picture's timeline, and available the next time you open it in the "Animate" panel 
  • To view an animation, in the Library mode click the "Play" icon

You can also export your animation as a movie file: from the File menu, choose Export Animation as Movie.  Name your movie, and choose the size (720p or 1080p), quality (fast or best), and compression options.  For detailed instructions on exporting animations, see:
Desktop 4 - Exporting Animations

Note: Fast is the recommended setting for exporting animations as movies.  The quality in the fast and best settings are comparable, but processing times will be very long for best-quality rendering, even on high-performance machines.