How do I share a picture on Pinterest from Lytro Web?


  • It is possible to share a link to a picture on Pinterest no matter whether that picture is public or unlisted (non-public) on Lytro Web itself; therefore be sure your Pinterest privacy settings are configured as intended before pinning.
  • If you are sharing a picture that is part of an unlisted (non-public) Album-- a group of pictures on Lytro Web-- then be aware that the audience for your pin will still be able to click through to see the rest of the pictures in that Album, as well-- not just the one picture you shared. 
  • See our detailed notes on sharing unlisted (non-public) pictures on Lytro Web for more information.


Sharing on Pinterest:

1. From any individual Picture Page on Lytro Web, click the "Pinterest" icon in the lower left corner:

 IMPORTANT: Please be sure to observe our Community Guidelines whenever you share pictures.

2. You can then create a new board

 or choose an existing board to "pin"  your image to.  


NOTE: You will first be prompted to sign into Pinterest if you are not already signed in. 

From here you can:

A. Customize the pin - you will be prompted with text in the "Description" box, click in and type to add your own description.

B. Confirm sharing with the "Pin It" button.   

3. Your Pin will be added to your selected board. 







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