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ILLUM - Charging and using the Battery

The LYTRO ILLUM comes with a lithium-ion battery, USB3 cable, and quick charger.

  • To charge the battery:
  1. Place the battery in the provided quick charger and plug it into a standard 110- or 220-volt, 50-60hz electrical outlet.
  2. With the battery in the ILLUM, use the provided USB3 cable to connect the camera to a powered computers USB port or a USB wall charger.
    • A fully discharged battery may take four or more hours to charge completely.
    • When charging using the provided USB3 cable, the battery icon on the cameras LCD screen will animate to indicate charging.
    • When charging on the quick charger, the LED on the charger will illuminate.  
      • When charging is complete, the LED will turn off, indicating the battery is fully charged.
      • A blinking LED indicates a power or connection problem, such as the battery not being inserted properly.

 The LYTRO ILLUM's battery is a custom, replaceable unit with the following specs:

    • 3.7 Volts DC
    • 3760mAh 13.9Wh
    • There isn't a set number of pictures you can take on a full battery, nor time duration, as it will vary greatly on a number of factors including:
      • shot mode  (continuous mode vs single shot, exposure or focus bracketing)
      • instant preview time, image review time, on camera refocus
      • use of the live preview and on screen depth assist tools (especially overlay)
      • In general, greater use of image review an live view especially at a higher brightness setting, will drain the battery more quickly
    • We have found the battery to last at least half a day of consistent shooting, and about 400 pictures.
    • To maximize battery life, reduce instant review time
  • The battery compartment is on the underside of the camera.  
  • Hold the camera upside down and slide the thumb-latch to one side to open the door.
  • Insert the charged battery, hold the door fully closed, and slide the latch back to the locked position.