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Desktop 4 - The Info Panel (Mac)

The INFO panel in Desktop 4 displays information about the capture settings used for the selected image.  To access Info, select an image by clicking on its thumbnail from any of Desktop 4's view modes .  Then, click the "INFO" icon in the sidebar on the left hand side of the interface.

This will open the INFO panel:

The Info panel displays the following:

  • File Name (a.):  Filename of the selected living picture
  • RAW File (b.): Displays if an image is a RAW file
  • Interactive (c.): Displays if an image is interactive or not
  • Taken (d.): Date and time the picture was captured
  • Model (e.): Camera model (ILLUM or First Generation)
  • Shutter (f.): Shutter speed used for the exposure
  • ISO (g.): ISO setting used for the exposure
  • F-Stop (h.): Aperture used for the exposure
  • EV (i.): Exposure Value setting used for the exposure.  If no Exposure Compensation was used, this will be 0
  • Focal Length (j.): Focal length of the lens at the time of capture (35mm equivalent)
  • Mode (k.): Capture mode that the camera was in at time of capture.
  • Flash (l.): ILLUM Only.  Flash metadata for the Lytro compatible TTL Flash when it is used during capture.
  • Flag (m.): If an image has been flagged, this icon will be illuminated.  Flag an image by clicking on the icon, click on the icon again remove a flag.  Flagging lets you mark images temporarily.
  • Reject (n.): Rejected images will have the "x" illuminated. Click on the X to mark the selected image as rejected.  
  • Rating (o.): The rating of a selected image.  Click one, two, or three stars to rate the image.
  • Caption (p.):  Image caption.  Click in the box and type to add an image caption.  Hit Enter or Return to apply the caption.