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ILLUM - Using an external flash

For more information on the ILLUM's flash interface controls, Click Here.

Does the LYTRO ILLUM have a flash?

The LYTRO ILLUM camera does not have a built-in flash.

Lytro TTL Flash Product Information, Specifications, and Manual

Lytro TTL Flash Quick Start Guide, Tips & Tricks, FAQ

Can I use a third-party flash?

The LYTRO ILLUM has a standard ISO hot shoe for mounting or firing an external flash. It works with:

    • Any 3rd party, center-pin sync flash with auto modes capable of operating at an aperture of f/2.0.
    • Center-pin-sync wireless triggers in trigger (nonauto/TTL) mode (such as PocketWizards).
    • TTL modes are not supported - only manual mode is currently supported.
    • For wired off-camera flash control, use a hot shoe to sync cord adapter.
    • The max sync speed (fastest shutter speed you can use with a flash) is 1/250th.

How do I use the LYTRO ILLUM with a third-party flash?

Make sure your flash has a standard center-pin-sync, low-voltage hot shoe. 

If you're new to using flash in manual mode, here's a starting point:

    • Turn the flash off. Mount the flash securely in the camera's hot shoe.
    • Camera settings:
      • Exposure Mode: Manual.
      • Shutter speed: 1/250th or slower.
      • ISO: as needed to bring the ambient exposure to the desired level.
    • Turn on your flash, set it to manual power, and set the flash power to 1/4.
    • Take a picture.
      • Review it on the camera's screen:  if the results are too bright or dark, use the power controls on the flash to adjust the flash power and take another picture to check the results. 
      • You can also adjust exposure using ISO and shutter speed controls on camera.

NOTE: The Lytro ILLUM will not register a 3rd party flash; the Flash menu will be grayed out.

NOTE: The picture displayed on the camera screen is a preview of the living picture;  after processing in Lytro Desktop or the Lytro Mobile App, the exposure of the living picture may be somewhat different. 


If you are having trouble with your flash or triggers transmitting, make sure the hot shoe connection is secure. Try removing the flash or trigger, and reattaching it, making sure it is mounted firmly and secured tightly to the ILLUM's hot shoe.



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  • Avatar
    Lennart Brunnberg

    Would there be any difference of importance whether a flash/light is tuned for Canon or Nikon?

  • Avatar
    adam gould


    While you could use a Canon or Nikon flash with the ILLUM, you'd be limited to Manual mode. The Lytro flash is the only flash that supports TTL mode on the ILLUM.

    Does that answer your question?

  • Avatar
    Mark Bowyer

    I appreciate your response to this question, but I guess that now your product has entered a price bracket that makes it more accessible to the Pro-sumer (with an emphasis on "sumer") I have to ask the same question in a slightly different way. At $249 for your flash specifically designed for the Illum and my infrequent use of a flash for my Lytro sessions (i prefer daylight bright sunlight shooting). would the following flash Altura Photo (AP-UNV1) Speedlite Flash Kit be compatible with the Lytro camera as it's $29 with is a much better fit for me and manual mode is good enough for me. Thanks a million

  • Avatar
    Jauvane Oliveira

    In manual mode any flash which has a central pin electric release should work with the Illum. Just be careful with very old (analogic-age) flash models as some of those play with pretty high voltages (some are known to burn DSLRs). I have used with my Illum with a variety of Canon flashes which I already own, namely models 580 EXII, 430 EXII and even a macro flash MT-24 EX. All worked gracefully. With that said, I do expect to eventually get a TTL-Enabled Lytro-Specific flash, but for manual mode, as long as the flash you choose work with some current DSLR, it shall work with your Illum.

  • Avatar
    Mark Bowyer

    OK that's great input and I also have a Canon EOS 6D and have been using the speedlite 430 EXII with that rig so good to know that, that should work with the Lytro platform. Like you my intension after experimenting with my Speedlite would be to get the fully compliant flash recommended by Lytro. Thanks for the feedback, I am new to this product and so far remain fascinated with its capabilities.