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ILLUM - How to use Auto Exposure Lock

There are two ways to engage Auto Exposure Lock on the LYTRO ILLUM:

  • A half press of the camera's shutter button 
  • A full press of the AEL button on the back of the camera located in the upper right corner


Auto Exposure Lock does exactly what it sounds like it would: it locks the exposure and keeps it from changing.  This is helpful in situations where you have varying or uneven lighting over a scene.  Because the camera uses a scene evaluative metering system, it will try and read the lighting over the entire scene, and create a correct exposure.  Use the AEL button to lock the correct exposure in place so you do not over or under expose your image.  

You can also use AEL for creative effects like high key portraits or silhouettes, intentionally over- or underexposing your scene.

NOTE:  AEL will not work in Manual mode; in Manual mode you set the exposure so it will not be changing unless you manually change it.